Restaurants LOVE the NoteWorthy Band!

The band has band members that are skilled with using social media for promoting events. Below is an article published by one of the members:

Promoting Live Shows

When the NoteWorthy band performs at an event (assuming that the event is open to the public) several things are done by the band. The band contacts the restaurant to find out what kinds of specials are going on. (Examples: Ladies night, 2-fers, happy hour finger food, etc.)  The restaurant, the specials, and the band are then promoted via Facebook, email blasts, and the band’s web site.

The band can specifically geographically target people that live in the proximity of the restaurant that like the music genre the band has been asked to perform.

The NoteWorthy band does this because the promotional work is a win/win.

  • The venue wins: The venue makes more money from the additional heads the band draws to the venue.
  • The band wins: The band is invited back over and over.