Hire a live band

Hire a live band! Hire a live band! Hire a live band!

Hire a live band!

When you hire a live band, you are sure to liven things up for your event – from birthday parties and weddings to corporate functions. You can have confidence in knowing the NoteWorthy band has music for all occasions and can bring your event to the next level. Booking a live band for your special event is always a great idea. Live music adds atmosphere to any gathering and can make your event the one that people talk about for years to come.

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If you aren’t yet sure whether or not you should hire a live band for your event – try this test:  Ask yourself how many run-of-the-mill office parties you have been to.  They are all the same – you and your co-workers all put in an appearance, force a little conversation and then leave as soon as the boss looks the other way. Is that how you want your event to go?  Of course not!  You want a fun, exciting and memorable event and that is what a live band can offer.

When you hire a live band, this involves planning, not to mention expense that should be taken into consideration well in advance of the event in order to minimize any last-minute “surprises.”  It helps to be as informed as possible when negotiating a price with the band manager, and it is especially important to communicate your expectations ahead of time to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Consider the specifics of your event: Ask yourself how you would ideally like the event to flow and what role the live music should play.  Will there be dancing?  Would you like background music when dinner is served?  Will there be a cocktail hour?  Asking yourself questions like these will determine the type of band that will best suit your needs.

Consider the logistics of your venue: It is important to make sure that your location fits your needs. It may seem obvious, but if you are hiring a large band, make sure the stage area is large enough to hold them all comfortably.  If the event is to be held outdoors, the stage area should be covered in case of inclement weather, as should the sound system.

Hire an established band: Never hire an amateur garage band!

Hire an established band like the NoteWorthy band!

You can email inquiries to the band:  Info@NoteWorthy.Band