Havana Nights Party

Hire the NoteWorthy band to make your is “Havana Nights” party memorable!

Are you throwing a Havana Nights party?

What’s brighter or bolder than a Caribbean-inspired Havana nights themed party? Flamboyant and fruity decorations will set the tone for an evening filled with mojitos and perhaps some salsa dancing. Jazz up the party with super sweet pineapple cups and pull together a colour palette filled with rainbows. From the fun maracas to the tropical leaf plates.

THE BAND: VERY IMPORTANT! You need a band with dance music that people love. You need to have the band perform popular dance songs that they know in order to get them onto the dance floor. The NoteWorthy band is a well-established local band that will bring fantastic dance music to your Havana Nights party including a FANTASTIC professional light show!