The NoteWorthy band contains fantastic musical talent!

Ron Cook is a founding member of the band, and the band manager. He is also the lead guitarist. His favorite guitar brand is Vigier and favorite digital signal processor is the Axe-FX.






Gloria is a vocalist with the band and has a strong background in both singing and musical theatre. She has performed at numerous events throughout her life including weddings, fundraisers, parties, churches, and musicals.

Ralph plays an acoustic guitar and also sings several songs. He has performed with various other bands over the years.

Jeff plays bass guitar with the band. He has performed with various local bands over the years. He plays a Fender bass guitar.

Nick is the band’s drummer. He has been a drummer for many years and has performed in several local bands. He also brings strong vocal skills to the stage.

Rich is the bands keyboardist and also plays Saxaphone. He has been a keyboardist for many years and has performed in several local bands. He also brings strong vocal skills to the stage.


The NoteWorthy band’s Jazz musicians include:

  • Allison, vocalist
  • Jeff, piano
  • James, upright bass